Author Topic: Strict precautionary decision for those who do not pay in Denmark 🚨  (Read 214 times)

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Denmark has decided to change its tax law for people who do not pay their taxes even though they trade cryptocurrencies. Authorities found that two-thirds of those who trade with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the country do not pay taxes, and this is how the button was pressed.

Denmark will have to change its 100-year-old tax code, dating back to 1922, because of cryptocurrencies. The country's tax minister, Morten Bodskov, said in a statement that the tax law is outdated and needs to be changed because of cryptocurrency transactions:

“We have to be vigilant about this now. We have to make sure our laws are up to date. We must reduce errors and fraudulent activities to the minimum possible.”

It was stated that the Ministry of Taxation will first start by investigating the issues that cryptocurrencies cause difficulties, and after the determinations are made, it is planned to make changes in these points. According to the data obtained by the ministry, a total of 16 thousand people and companies traded cryptocurrencies in the country between 2015 and 2019, but 67 percent of them did not make an accurate tax declaration.

In February, it was announced that he had collected $ 4.9 million in taxes from crypto money investors and 48 people were reported to the crime unit for violating the country's tax laws.
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